Ediamond costume jewelers

A diamond (or Ediamond) must shine bright! So bright it is almost white. It must be bright whether there is light, or even if it is night. It has to be bright at any height, but never as bright as what I write on this site. 

Ediamond Costume Jewelers – A high end diamond dealership specializing in costume made jewelry and diamonds. Ediamond digs its own jewelry from the ground, creates pre-ordered costume made designs, and shares these amazing creations with the world.

The artwork done in this gallery presents the following:


  1. Ediamond’s Logo
  2. Ediamond’s Business card (Diamond Version)
  3. Ediamond’s Multipurpuse flyer
  4. Ediamond’s Branding identity
  5. Ediamond’s Website template
ediamond logo mock up
Ediamond logo
Ediamond card mock up 1
Ediamond card mock up 2
ediamond flyer mock up
ediamond flyer
ediamond branding mock up
ediamond web mock up 3
ediamond web mock up 2
ediamond web mock up
ediamond site template